Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a poem to reflect on...

But can mortal man behold him? The eagle veils his eyes
before he can gaze upon the unclouded sun.
Who then can gaze upon the visage of that God
whose shadow illumines the sun, and who covers
himself with light, as with a garment?
Nevertheless the pure in heart shall see God.
They shall see him in all his works of nature, providence, and grace.
They see him alike in the minute insect, and huge elephant;
in the sagacious mocking bird and the stupid ostrich.
They see him sprinkling the earth with flowers,
and gilding the firmament with stars!
They see him walking with Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego,
in the fiery furnace, and sitting with Daniel in the lion’s den.
They see him while a babe in the manger, and a man
quelling the raging sea amid the howling storm!
They see him amid the lightnings and thunders of Sinai,
and amid the tears, the groans, and the blood of Calvary!

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