Friday, April 17, 2009

Circus Church Weekly Sampler

Circus Church Weekly Sampler

Circus Church Weekly Sampler
Apr 16

It’s time to embrace manhood at Maranatha Chapel, and this is what they say manhood looks like. Get your tickets now, men, for the retreat.

Catalyst Church featured Easter Sunday at the beach so non-Christians wouldn’t feel “threatened.” This is the same church that went to bars and handed out specialized shot glasses as a promotion.

Here’s a desperate church that decided to attract attention by erecting signs with provocative messages like, “No More Christians” and “Why You Should Be a Muslim Instead of a Christian.” Yes, that will bring ‘em them in by the truckload. Then again, so would having the pastor repel off the City Hall building dressed like Sponge Bob. Hold on, that will be next.

Covenant United Methodist is sponsoring a real circus on May 1-May 2. The Zerbini Big Top Traveling Circus from Florida is coming to Covenant Church for three shows. They want you to know that the circus will feature trick dogs, flying trapeze, clowns, jugglers, camel rides, cotton candy, popcorn and more! In other words, just like regular church.

Here’s your cool pastor deep thought for the day. To think they go to seminary for this.

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