Monday, June 2, 2008

Christians with Opinions

Check out the Video, its about Christians with Opinions....those of us who choose to hold on to our opinions even though we desire to seek God and do His will. This can be a dangerous thing , and is something we are all guilty of, but we must choose to be Kingdom minded people and let God's thoughts become our thoughts and His ways our ways. When we let God's Word reign supreme in our lives then there will be no room to formulate opinions of our own, we will delight in God's Law, and we will be able to stand in the day of adversity and look sin and problems in the face and call them what they are. Today we deal with so many issues in this world that are becomming more and more accepted by society...things like fornication, homosexuality, abortion,..things like murder and crime go un noticed and passed over. Our perspective on these issues and our response to these issues doesent need to be based on and formed by the world. We need to find our answers and base our opinions on the Word of God and let His word remain the standard of morality.
(Morality - Gods Word = hypocrisy)
Stand firm on the Word as a Kingdom citizen and as someone who seeks God, let His Word be your standard and not your own opinion...

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