Sunday, May 18, 2008

Worship the King

Check out the video and check out the blog....worshipping God is the most important thing that you can ever do in your life! Worship needs to be the foundation of anyone and everyone who seeks to draw nearer to God. " God's Kingdom will never come where His name is not regarded as holy."
Be Blessed

Worship the King Blog

Ill start off by saying this. We live in a democratic country where we have been given freedoms, of opinion, religion, speech, whatever... Those things are good but as with anything that is man made, there are some flaws. Taking on that mindset (a democratic one) can be dangerous for the one who seeks after and desires to follow God. Ill explain... See, a democracy involves opinion, whether its ones opinion about the leadership, the laws, the government, the economy... You are "free" to your own opinion in a democracy, whether its right or wrong. Well in a kingdom its different, the thing that makes a kingdom different from any other government on earth is that a kingdom involves worship... Worship of the leader(king), reverence for His laws and His ways, respect for His property, and conforming to His standards. His opinion becomes yours, His thoughts become yours, His ways become yours.. although a person may live in a democracy and totally loathe the president and his authorities, he is still free to live in the country and he is entitled to his own opinion. Not so in the kingdom, a person cannot live in the kingdom and be partial to the king. One cannot seek to receive the benefits that God wants to give in the kingdom and not like God and what He stands for. You can't live in the kingdom and not want to worship the king. You can't live in the kingdom and have your own image or opinion of the king. To live in the Kingdom, you must see Him as He is and worship Him for who He is, and not just what His kingdom can do for you. See, when the economy is great and the people are benefitting, the presidents approval rating goes up, and when its bad, the approval rating falls in a democratic can never be like that in the kingdom.The King has no approval rating among the people because He never changes, He is and has always been the same. Hebrews tells us that God has been the same yesterday, today and forever...and the Kings approval isn't based on the opinions of the people, because He is self sufficient, He needs no approval or like or dislike to be King. He was and is King before we even got here, and He would be King if we never existed. Furthermore, our worship of Him does not make Him anymore a King than if no one worshiped Him. Worship in the Kingdom is because God is King, has been King, before any and everything and because He has always been King, it is our duty, our rightful place as His creation to give Him worship.all other Kings of the earth need(key word) followers and subjects to remain kings but not so witn the King of the Kingdom. He has no need.never has, never will. We must worship Him because of Who He is, was and has been...and because all things were made by Him. A democracy allows you to like or dislike the leader, to say what you want about him, to pick and choose what you like and dislike about the government, and when it comes to laws, he doesent even have the ultimate authority in some cases. People change laws, vote, protest, etc. And make things happen...but in the Kingdom, this type of governing doesent happen, the King must be worshipped with love. If you're in the kingdom, and your worshiping the King, and you find that you really don't love Him and His laws, chances are you were probably never in the kingdom in the first place. In the Kingdom, the subjects love the King, they love His laws, His decrees, they love what He stands for! Lol.. If you find an "opinionated Christian", you probably won't see them in the kingdom very long... So many people approach the Kingdom of God with a democratic mentality, ...almost like a person shopping in the supermarket. They approach the word of God and see things like "give and it shall be given unto you...","brethren I pray that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers" I am the Lord, who gives you the power to get wealth" and they say, "I like this, put it in the cart.." then they come across things like "be holy, for I am holy,"and things like "I love righteousness and hate iniquity" and things like "don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers"..or "be angry and sin not" .. And they say, "eh, I think ill leave those on the shelf, they sound ok, but just a little too hard...I like those other things better..." and people pick and choose in Gods law the things that they like and dislike instead of having a kingdom attitude like David in psalms that says "I love your law, o'Lord" . We cannot approach the kingdom with a democratic mindset. We cannot choose the days and times that we love God, or choose when we will follow His word. It has to be constant, a lifestyle of loving the King and obeying His laws out of delight for Him and His laws. Worship God , not just out of what His government can Do for you, or what it has done for you, worship Him with the proper conception of Him, worship Him for who He is and because He is that..God..and there is no one like Him. Gods kingdom wil never come where His name is not regarded as Holy first.(Matt. 6:9-10) much more...ill write it later...

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