Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chambers of the Heart part 2

Chambers of the heart part 2....well, i guess i just wanted to add something from the first one. I find it interesting how today, we have so many ways of expressing ourselves, of showing who we are and what we are like just by the things that we associate with and give our attention to. Things like Myspace, Facebook, Avatars, Images, Digital cameras, we can expres ourselves in so many ways through these things; but in all these aveues...what do our Ipods and MySpace's say about us? What do they express about who and what we give our attention to. These priests in Ezekiel 8:7-13 had the same issue. They posted and expressed themselves about what they worshipped through images on the wall and inscence burned in that secret chamber in the temple. Do you have a secret chamber in your temple of the Holy Spirit? What are we giving attention to in our lives? Is God Supreme, and does our lives express that we serve Him and worship Him ? Just some questions to think about
Be Blessed

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