Wednesday, April 9, 2008

just at work....

Hey, I'm just at work, thinking, not really doing anything, so I thought I would post a blog. I'm using my cellphone to post this, so if its not the most grammatically correct, then hallelujah lol.
I was reading psalms 50 the other day and I began to think about something that is just so simple, yet kinda deep. Psalm 50:9-13 is talking about how God doesent need any sacrifices or offerings from the people as food or for anything. He doesent use the offerings to judge between the people, he doesent taste the offering and decide if Billy or Jackie cooks it better then answer Billy's prayers because he offered it better. Gods whole point in these couple verses is to get across to the people 2 main points (well at least ill just talk about 2) 1.God was trying to change these peoples mindset, because when they were offering sacrifices, they were giving it with the mentality that God wanted a good meal before he could do anything for you. They saw it like God needed these sacrifices for food and since He couldn't get it himself it would please him if people just sacrificed it to Him. Wrong!this is how the pagans worshipped their gods, with this mentality. "God needs us, in order to do what He does, so He can do what we want." make sense?the pagans gave lil food on lil plates to their gods because they got "hungry". And in return for the food, the gods would please the people. So the whole point was that the god needed the people, in order to be god. The isrealites were doing the same thing to God.they were also so focused on all the external methods that of how they could please God and never tried to know or please Him internally, which was the whole point of sacrifices anyway(a type and shadow). The isrealites did not honor or glorify God as God, for who he is and this is why he was corecting them in psalms 50.
2. God is nothing like any idol or false god. In the previous verses in this chapter God says to isreal, "I am God, even your God." he was saying that he was the one and only true God and therefore he must be treated as that , not like some idol. The next point is, that since he is God, he is the all sufficient, all powerful, all knowing one who needs nothing or nobody. These people we're treating God like he was like them, like he had some need, or desire that he had to have from them. And because God is God, he never has had, and never will have a need. He is just as much sufficient now as he has always been.if God were to have a need, he wouldn't be God. If there were something that man could give him in order to satisfy some void He had, then God wouldn't be God. He has no need, no appetite, no void He has to fill, He never will. And He needs nothing from anyone.peoples mindarts have been warped when it comes to serving God. Lol, he is not in need of service. But it is for our sake that we serve him, because we are the ones with the needs; and true service to him is not by external ways, but by honoring Him and worshiping Him as God and knowing Him, internally. What could we ever give, or how much could we ever do, or how many sermons or ministries could we teach, or how many fasts and offerings could we take to please God anyway?if he had a need, what could we really do about it ? Could humans really solve the needs of a Deity?never! Babies can't pay an adults bills, and no insect could meet the needs of a human. But back to the point, God has never had a need and can't ever have a need, and if he did why would He tell us? He says that In psalm 50 verse 9-13.if I were hungry, why would I tell you, for the whole earth is mine."
So what are we to do, if God has no need, and accepts no external rituals and traditional forms of worship only? We are to do as he says in psalms 50:14-15, offer to God thanksgiving.and our vows to the most high, lol your vows...not cows .the whole point is to honor God as God, worship Him because He is that.and to know him to the point where in verse 15 , you can call on him and He will answer you.don't let your perception of God be formed by the things you think you have to do for Him. Honor and thank Him and get to know Him for who He is.

Hope this wasn't too long, lol...but praise God, now its lunchtime. Be blessed, share your thoughts.

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