Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reality...it really happened

The Real Mt. Siani..check this out!!!

Im a person who appreciates history. I love hearing the stories of how those in the past reacted, moved, changed and formed and lived. With that said, the Bible is history, its full of history of how God has been interacting with His people, the israelites, and it tells the "stories" of how God has and continues to do so much to reach out to the hearts of His people. In God's Word, there are miraculous things, supernatural things, laws, demonstrations of power and things have happened that remain in a class all by themself. Many times, because of the present and all the pressure thats put on reality (whats happening right in front of you) I think that at times we water-down the stories of the Bible and dont realize the reality of them. The effects and choices made and power demonstrasted in the Word have changed the course of history. Men and women who chose to follow God, not some fairy-tale figure, but The Creator of the Universe Himself have experienced and seen things that nowadays a man's imagination can only make up. I mean, look at the experiences and look at the results, Imagine the reality of a burning bush that is blazing with white-hot flames, yet not consumed...or an entire sea split in two forming a path for 2 million people to pass through....or even God Himself, coming down from Heaven, to visit earth with a physical presence ...fire, sulfur, a foundation of the most clearest, precious stones, descending upon a mountain . Picture the reality of a man that could walk on water, whose DNA was so molecularly different from our own that if He were to take a blood test, it would be proven that he was created without a human father. Or the reality of a city that was literally destroyed with the hottest of sulfur and fire, killing everyone in its path. So many people look at the Bible, with this metaphorical, unreal perspective, and thus they see a God who is the same way...Go through the Word, look at the stories and let the Life of the Word take you back and allow you to feel the experience that these people felt....

This is just an example of what Im talking about...Look at this article, see how nature doesent lie, then take a look at Exodus and re live what went on at that holy mountain. Its not some "dedication or tribute" to what happened. Men arent set up like workers at an amusement park waiting to take tourists on a "show" to these supernatural monuments...they have a legacy, a reality , a residue left by God Himself. Check it out, be changed

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