Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visiting Royalty

"God is treated as visiting royalty in a democratic country." - A.W. Tozer

I cant help but be fascinated everytime I pick up one of A. W. Tozer's books and read. When I saw this statement , there was so much truth in it for so few words. This statement makes me think of how this country and so many others have treated God, today, in the past, and in how our children will treat God in the future.
This is just a thought, but I think that overall, mankind (worldly man) likes and thinks that he has adjusted well to the realization that "this is his world". What i mean by that is , after the fall of man in Genesis 2, when Adam decided to disobey God, and essentially made the choice to be under the dominion of Satan, and when Adam chose to be "on his own", I think that throughout the years and all through the centuries, man is "proud" and "ok" with Adam's decision. Today we would say that "man has made the most of it" and the world is comfortable with Adam's decision in the begining to forget God and choose himself. That attitude is wrong and thats why this statement is so true. Today people are comfortable choosing themself and working on themselves, rather than choosing God and working on doing His will. I mean, when it comes down to it, Are we really doing what God wants us to be doing? Or have we made the democratic decision to make our own plans ideas and goals and then honor God and celebrate Him in the process of doing what we want to do?
Just look around you, God is honored, but he isnt Supreme. People respect God, but dont fear Him. People like the fact that they are "in control" of their own decisions and Self has taken the throne in the kingdom of decision making. And when along comes another Authority, with another Law and some different decisions, "self" feels threatened and holds on tighter than ever to the achievements and acomplishments and the goals that "I " want to meet. Thats why its so easy for people to accept Jesus as Savior, but not as Lord; and that is one of the biggest misunderstandings that have been made.
Lets not make God a guest; lets stop treating Him as visiting royalty in a democratic country. Let's dethrone self and let the Lord God rule and reign in our lives. Let's stop treating God as a guest in our government, in our churches, and in our homes. Let's switch to a Kingdom mentality and give Him the rightful honor, reverence, and devotion thats given to a King.

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