Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Attributes of God part 1

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The Knowability of God

Check out the video...I will also be posting some articles and sermons by men of God who dove head first into the study of the attributes of God. Knowing God and what He is like is so important because having the right conception of Him will determine the depth of your relationship with Him. Studying God's attributes and getting to know Him more intimately helps us from just knowing ABOUT God to knowing of God and knowing Him personally. When we think of the word attribute, being humans, we usually relate it to ourselves
attribute: something attributed as belonging to a person, thing, group, etc.; a quality, character, characteristic, or property:

attributes belong to men because we are created: we are composed, made up of parts, and therefore we possess attributes, we are influenced and can add to our character or subtract from our character. We can be happy one day and be sad the next, we can be sensitive for ten years and then become hard for the rest of our lives; we can be influenced to become angry and then become influenced to become happy again. We possess attributes and characteristics but it is not the same way with God.

God has no origin, He was not created, He has no beginning and has no end, therefore He is not composed of parts, such as man is. He is one with Himself, a unit...three in One. If someone were to compose God, then we would have to go to that "One" says A.W. Tozer. Just as a diamond is pure and whole, with no other minerals that make up its substance, so is God...but even more...God is without parts and cannot be influenced by anything outside of Himself.He cannot be influence and therefore change His attributes. He doesent change and he doesent fluctuate as man does..just as man can be happy about one thing and become even happier about another, God is the fullness of happiness, He is its essence. Just as man chooses to love what he wants and when he wants, God is the essence of love, He is the fullness of love. There is no love outside of God, no happiness outside of God, no life, no truth, no righteousness outside of Him. He embodies His attributes and is them.

God's definition of attribute: something which God has declared to be true about Himself.

God's attributes cannot be studied and researched and found by the intellect, 1 Corinthians chapter 2 tells us that The Spirit of God reveals the deep things of God. His attributes and the things that He declares to be true about Himself are revealed to those who seek Him. Knowledge of God can only be revealed by the Spirit.

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