Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Excerpt from "The Sufferings, Support, and Reward of Faithful Ministers" - L. Hayes

I have been reading "The Faithful Minister" recently, and I came across some very encouraging words by Lemuel Hayes. This excerpt came from Hayes' final sermon at the West Parrish congregation in Rutland, Vermont. This sermon was entitled "The Sufferings, Support and Reward of Faithful Ministers, Illustrated" and in this sermon Hayes comes from the text Acts 20:24. These words twoards the end of this sermon stood out in particular to me, and they have been a great comfort to me as a minister of the gospel. I pray that they would encourage you as well....

When godly ministers have finished their course, all their imperfections and trials will end. They see so many defects in themselves, so much self-seeking, unfaithfulness and ignorance, that they often tremble lest after they have preached to others, they themselves may be cast away, that they shall fall short of that heaven they have so often recommended to others and have their dwelling with the wicked. But these fears will subside and to their surprise they will hear their Redeemer say, "Enter thou into the joy of thy lord!"

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