Monday, June 29, 2009

Repentance is Necessary

Repentance is Necessary - Audio

This sermon is titled "Repentance is Necessary" because repentance is the only way ANYONE will ever see the kingdom of, many dont believe repentance is too important because they believe that it is something they can cultivate of themselves, but repentance is a gift, and I focused on that point a little bit in my previous post (see below), but repentance is a grace given by God which causes a man to see his sins for what they really are, sorrow over them, and genuine repentance doesent just produce a worldly sorrow unto death...a kind of sorrow which only leaves you with a guilty feeling which temporarily lasts, but repentance produces a godly sorrow which leads the penitent unto faith and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ unto life everlasting. I pray that you will be blessed by this message, and that you would see what genuine repentance is and what genuine repentance is not.

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