Friday, May 15, 2009

DMX's Gospel Album...

DMX was released from Arizona's Maricopa County Jail yesterday afternoon (May 13) after spending over 90 days in the facility for animal cruelty, drug and fraud related charges. Originally sentenced to 90 days in jail, the Yonkers native's stay was prolonged after an alleged altercation with a corrections officer.

In an interview conducted during his incarceration, DMX spoke of plans to begin a Christian ministry once he left the Arizona facility. "I'm going to start a TV show called Pain and Perseverance, it's about how I can reach people that the average person can't reach because I'm grounded," X said."

"I'm going to give my first sermon in the church. That's going to be incredible for me and hopefully the congregation of that church. I've completed my gospel album. On every one of my albums there's been a gospel song and prayer. Because of my image those songs are never made singles except my sixth album where they did 'Lord Give Me a Sign.'"

Reports surfaced back in April that following his release from jail X would join the next cast of 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.' Reps for the troubled rapper have since denied the claims, stating the reports to be false."

Im nobody's judge but Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, that we will know them by their, X has a song and a prayer the name of Jesus the end of every one of his albums, correct...but what songs does he sing before he finally prays at the end of his "musical sermon"?...Some titles you ask?

1st Album
Ruff Ryders Anthem
F***** Wit D
Look Thru My Eyes
Get At Me Dog
Let Me Fly
How's It Goin Down
Crime Story
Stop Being Greedy
For My Dogs
...all before "The Prayer"

2nd Album

My N*****
Bring Your Whole Crew
Aint No Way
We Don't Give A F***
Keep Your S*** The Hardest
Coming From
It's All Good
The Omen
Dogs For Life
Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
...all before "Ready to Meet Him"...

3rd Album

One More Road To Cross
The Professional
Here We Go Again
Party Up
Make A Move
What These B**** Want
What's My Name
More 2 A Song
Don't You Ever
D-X-L (Hard White)
X Is Coming For You
...all before "Prayer 3"...

Now, quite frankly, Ive had enough of copying, pasting and editing song titles for this post...its so vulgur...i dont even know why im actually doing one more post on a wolf...who is a wolf...who only says he's in sheeps clothing...may God regenerate this man, but until then may Satan stop deceiving him...and so many others who think their justified because out of all their sins and crimes against a holy God, they somehow believe that if they say one prayer to Him in Jesus name and keep sinning...that they are in ok standing with God...not so!

Most Current Album know, the one where his "image" wasnt taken into account(maybe he's changed???...not!!)
We In Here
I Run S***
Come Thru (Move)
It's Personal
Baby Motha
Dog Love
Wrong Or Right (I'm Tired)
Give 'Em What They Want
Walk These Dogs
Blown Away
Life Be My Song
...all before "The Prayer VI"

Now what does Mr. DMX say about his new gospel album? Perhaps " To God be the glory for His regenerating work in my life. I once was a depraved wretched sinner, then God opened my eyes to see His Son and His death on the cross to take away my sins, and now I have a new heart and new life." Wrong!! He doesent say that...infact, he says nothing close to it. DMX was quoted earlier about his gospel tell me if God's done a work...

"I [was] the first n---a to put out two albums in one year [It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood in 1998], now I'm gonna hit 'em again — drop two albums on the same f---in' day, yo," X said from his home in Arizona on Friday. "A double album will make mutha----as mad, because they gotta spend more money — plus it's already a long [double] album. I'm talking about a hip-hop album and a gospel album."

Point is, this guy found Jesus...the one you make up because you hate the real Jesus....and X is just another example of how the church doesn't use discernment in seeing if people are bearing fruit for Christ... and some fame seeking pastor will take in DMX, let him preach, tell everybody he's saved and will damn his soul to hell all because both men want something out of the deal for themselves... we have seen it before, just click here

Final point...Kids, youre favorite R&B, pop, and Hip-Hop celebrities ARE NOT SAVED! You will know them by their fruit and you will follow them to Hell if you choose to justify your "Christianity" based on theirs. I dont care if they sing the most doctinally sound, Jesus naming, emotional, spiritually moving song...what does their life say? What does their apparrel say? What does their character say? Does it say Jesus is Supreme and Holy and All- Satisfying, or does it say I am, Iam , I am, and I do what I want??

think about it...


Jacklyn said...

Thank you for your kind words of TRUTH --

Demetrius said...

Ray this is a powerful observation my friend keep it up. The bible has some strong words to say when it comes to discernment

John 7:24 Jesus says

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment."

1 corin 2:15

The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.

We are called to discern and judge by what comes out of the life as a habit and lifestyle pattern

Matthew 12:33-37

Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad,(AT) for the tree is known by its fruit. 34(AU) You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. 35 The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil. 36I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, 37for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

The habitual fruit that comes out of a persons life proves that they are either a white washed tomb filled with dead mens bones or truly regenerated. Jonathan Edwards and all of the great men of God like Spurgeon Turretin Tozer and Pink knew these things but for some reason folks say don't judge taking Matthew 7:1 out of its original context.

jamie p said...

i love dmx to me he reprosents the truest form of redemption for once he was and still is a sinner like us all trying to redeem ourselfs as we should we just have to believe and love and forgive and demand a rightous aftermath of men so yes dmx puts the dark with the light but think about it how else are u going to inspire re demption in the darkest places of mens hearts so yeah what ever i mean morally center context to light up the darkness that lies in too many men so yes true faith is beatifull so we must belive that no matter how bad weve become we can and must change so long as we are breathing redemption and for giveness is offered always gracefully by god to all of us that seek to be redeemed remember that

Anonymous said...

Jamie, your intentions are good..but you must let the Word of God divide, as a sword, the thoughts and intentions of your heart from the truth of God that is found in scripture (hebrews 4:12)..only Jesus Christ can justify sinners, and therefore we shouldn't take upon ourselves this task, since we have all fallen short of Gods glory and none of us deserve mercy...Jesus said you will know a tree by its fruit...bad fruit cannot come off a good tree...secularized, women degrading,vulgur filled lyrics cannot proceed off of the lips of one who has been bought with a price and is not his own but Christs (1 Cor.6:20). In matthew 7:22, right after Jesus says bad trees cannot produce good fruit, He says that many will say to Him Lord Lord but will not enter the kingdom of heaven because they never did the will of the father, those people acted like Jesus never gave them a law to live by...X can cry out Lord Lord, Savior Savior until he is blue in the face, but Christianity is not just recognized by your profession of faith, its recognized by fruit!
No man can reform himself, no man can change himself to be good in the eyes of God, and this is where your understanding of redemption became wrong, namely, WE CANNOT do anything to redeem ourselves in the eyes of God outside of believing in His Son.All of our "gospel albums", feeding the poor, morality and such is as the most foulest of fecies and excrement in the eyes of God. (Isaiah 64:6) and we need a savior to redeem us.God does the work in redemption and that work produces change in us...look at Ezekiel 36, and observe how many "I will's" are found when. God is talking about redemption.DMX can "inspire" redeption" in the darkness if he wants to, but he would be better off trying to light a match in a windstorm..John 3:19 tells us that light already came into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the light"..jamie, how do we know this.."Because their deeds were evil" what I'm saying is that DMX on his own "grounded" merit cannot go into any darkness and unreached people and do anything Jesus hasn't already will love DMX..but they will hate the light.. What he can do is cry out to God, pray that God would grant Him repentance, that Christ would save Him and then give him a new heart which HATES know, all those things his music exalts. Then he will be a light in darkness and will be saved..redemption and forgiveness is offered to all...but according to scripture, there will be God-effecting fruit in the life of one who has been forgiven and redeemed...that fruit is not evident when one can sin willfully,curse purposefully, and act lawlessly...don't be deceived...bad fruit cannot grow on good trees and good fruit CANNOT grow on bad trees...

Anonymous said...

very well written reply but you still missed my main point i am not trying to change the meanibg of good fruit can not grow on bad trees but rather good fruit can become bad like when good men become corrupted i have a freind since childhood well he was doing dope real bad for like 5 years and he had absolutely no faith what so ever and all i could do as a good freind was to pray for him i could in no way help him except express my love fear and judgement of god for our sins his family was always very good catholics but his IQ was low and he got involed in drugs because he felt like he was not worth anything and did not fit in well and of course that does not ever make bein a sinner okay but from his perspective he had no faith in any thing at all so there for no concience or feelings of remores because he did not belive in or fear god as he should or rather love him i myself have always been deeply religous well my freind in my opinion has begone to redeem himself hes been clean for 3 years and yes he has good faith now i see it in him now i dident redeem him he redeemed himself by invoking a concience and havin faith so god must have found favor in his heart to see him become a decent man he is still haunted by his past but aren"t we all and i am proud of him and so is his family god could have made us anybody so we should not condem one another or belive that bad men could not become rightous again and yes some men will never repent the sins this i am aware of not deceived i mean i read DMXs autobioghry and his gift was to make music and inspire men to change in an unconventional way yes i agree that all dmxs negetive songs are sinful but if he diden't have his prayers he would be just like every other rapper out there his expressing his faith makes him beable to inspire men who perhaps diden't any faith but now do i mean DMX was broke most of his life he used to rob people terrible yes and his only reason to go on living was because of his faith in god and his dream of rappin now if he never made any music he would have continued to rob and hurt people and be sinful for the rest of his life but god gave him a true gift a chance to redeem himself and inspire others such as myself who intends to make music oneday and others to do the same and if he does become a preachers as he says he intends to then his past is just that his past bein that the only words he would preach would be the world of god in the bible the truth the only truth now just a quick change in topic now weather you support the liberation of the iragi people or not the only reason its calm down over there is because we are giving these people a chance a opportunity the insurgent have turned there guns in for a job meaning that it is povety that drive there desperation now i am not saying that we should force or impose amercian justice everywhere but being the wealthest nation on earth we should never let people starve or suffer by the hands of tyrants if you give people an opportunity to change there always is the possibility that they will become good men or not i pray otherswise JAMIE P i lost my password so I have to POST Anonymos responce is to B.R.GRAVES

Anonymous said...

"Jamie P" I have responded to your comment on my latest post, thank you for expressing yourself, and I am willing to answer any other questions you have...
God bless