Monday, January 19, 2009

The Narrow Way

The Narrow Way - audio ( click here to hear the sermon )

This sermon of the "Narrow Way" is the second part to the previous sermon I gave called "The Broadway". The Narrow Way and the Narrow Gate is the only way to salvation and eternal life. The Narrow Gate represents Jesus Christ and His unchanging goodness and severity. Men must conform to enter this gate rather than conforming the gate to fit their desires. We cannot add to or take away anything from Christ and His gospel and men must be saved on His terms. The narrow gate is fixed and intolerant, it is a personal gate which only allows entrance for one at a time. The cares of friends, family and the pleasures of this life will not fit through the gate, and the Christian on his journey will have to forsake all to enter in. Will you put forth all effort to enter in?

The narrow way is not an interstate where men can speedily rush twoards their desires and pleasures eventually leading to everlasting destruction. The narrow way is a path where men are given a lamp unto their feet and a light that gives guidance one step at a time. The narrow path is a disciplined path, a path of holiness; it is not trodden begrudgingly but those who are on it love it, they would have no other way. The narrow way is a lifestyle change, a total course change, from going with the world and its ways, to going totally against it in all things
Are you on the narrow path?

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