Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the Beginning was the Word...

John 1:1-5 audio click here

This is a Bible Study teaching I did on John 1:1-5. I originally intended to get through verse 5, but I only managed to get through verse 3. Lord willing, verses 4 and 5 should be up by next week. The Lord has been showing me the importance of expository teaching and preaching, and how the Christian can get a full understanding of the Word of God when they "study to show themselves approved" verse by verse in context of the Word. So many times, we grab "one liners" and cling to those scriptural cliches, when the Holy Spirit wants to inspire and give us the full revelation of scripture that He gave to the men who were writing these eye witness accounts by the unction of the Spirit of the Lord.
I dont know how long it will take me to even get through the first chapter of John, but I encourage you to take this journey with me, or even begin one of your own, taking a book from the Bible and unpacking it. It will greatly benefit your life spiritually, mentally and in your daily walk.

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