Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sight of Sin

So, Ive been reading these Puritan Paperbacks, and they are some great books by the way; I'm currently reading The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson, and it is an awesome book, and its straight to the point when it talks about true and false repentance.
I wanted to list something I saw in the earlier chapters of the book about the Nature of True Repentance
There are 6 ingredients of true repentance and each ingredient is a key factor in true repentance.
1.Sight of sin
2.Sorrow for sin
3.Confession of sin
4.Shame for sin
5.Hatred for sin
6.Turning from sin

I just want to talk about the first, and you can check out the rest of these if you buy the book ( I hightly recommend it!)
Sight of sin is so important when we live in a world that accepts sin more and more everyday. Its important that we know what sin is, and how to identify it when it comes up in our lives. Things ranging from the most adulterous affair to the slightest bit of manipulation need to be identified immediately as sin and repented for in our lives. Many parents watch their children engage in acts of sin, and rebellion and all along, watch as they plunge deeper into sin without repenting. The parents refuse to call sin what it is and the children refuse to turn from it. The addict is seen nowadays as someone who has a problem, a self-esteem issue, or a rough childhood, but they are never seen as one who is willfully sinful and needs true repentance. More and more women become pregnant out of wedlock, abortions are higher and more men and women make the godless decision to "come out of the closet" professing their homosexuality, and the world calls them different...they applaud the unmarried woman with child, they approve the woman that aborts and pat her on the back , and the judicial system sides with the serial murderer that had a rough childhood. The courts have legalized a total abomination in the eyes of the Supreme Judge and theyve done it in the name of "love".There is a difference between appeasement and compassion and the latter is not seen a whole lot today.
Yes, people need a break...they need to be broken lol...we need to call sin what it is and tell man to turn from it because its death. God will not pat the sinner on the back on Judgment Day and tell him "its ok, mistakes happen.." Mistakes do happen, but people also sin willfully...because theyre born that way and they need to repent and turn to Christ. Sin and its reality need to be seen for what it really is..death, separation. Sin not only needs to be seen as something to be punished for, but something that causes a loving holy God to separate Himself from you...and thats the ultimate low thats found in sin. As in Isaiah 6, sin must be seen for what it is and repented for, sorrowed over and God is faithful to cleanse sin because of true repentance. To the Christian, sin must be sighted for in our lives and repented for immediately. To the world, dont remain blinded by ignorance and self- love. Call sin what it is, realize the crime behind it, and dont be sorry for the consequences of it, be sorry because it grieves a holy God. Lets not appease sin any longer, lets take a stand and call sin out for the wickedness that it really is and show compassion to the man that desires to turn from it.

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