Friday, July 4, 2008

The Oneness of God (God all by Himself)

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The Oneness of God: I am the Lord, and there is no one else. God is One and there are no other dieties or authorities outside of God. If there were, He wouldnt be God and we would have to look to "another"; but God is the only God, the only One True God and therefore all worship and glory belong to Him. All worship and glory will go to Him, and all things will give Him glory because He is the God of all things and the Creator of all things.Nothing exists outside of Him. So knowing that, why do people continue to run to "others" to find satisfaction, to find purpose? Why do people still seek to give honor and dedication to other things in their lives: carers, education, other religions, their goals and desires? In the end all of those things will perish and men still wont be satisfied until they give glory to The One.
God , in Exodus, says that He is a jealous God: not because He is in competition with some other "gods" for your affection and wants your attention. He is jealous for His glory, the worship that a man gives to other things and people that soley belongs to God. Romans 1:20-26 talks about that. God is One and there is no other, therefore all of our worship, all of the glory goes to Him first, not because we can do anything to make Him anymore glorious or exalted, but because He is God and all glory and worship belongs to Him. Seek to worship no one else besides Him, seek to glorify no one besides Him. He is the only One true God.

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