Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Infinitude of God

The Infinitude of God: Its not an easy thing to describe infinitude. One cant point to an earthly material object or even describe something thats infinite because there is nothing that we know of that is infinite. We think of things such as space, time, or unlimited quantity of something as being infinite, but all these things are contained and measured by One who is their creator: God. God is the only Infinite Being. He cannot be measured, boxed in or limited; He fills all in all and everything that makes God, God is infinite, His nature, His attributes, His presence, His Being. There is no place where He is not, and there is no place where His Love, Mercy, Strength, Power cannot reach. Check out the Video and the articles on the infinitude of God.

The Self-Existence of God

The Love of God

The Immutability of God

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