Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Liar?

So I was asked a question the other day. More people are beginning to ask about me and ministry, rather me in ministry. My MySpace page, the Bible Studies, I dunno, but it just seems this year like more people are asking about ministry; which is absolutely fine with me. So I was at work last week, the ministry "are you a preacher" question comes up and so I answer as usual, "Yes I teach at my church, and Ive been called to ministry" . So everything was great until I was asked by another person, "You plan on making a living lying to people?" Wow, now that was a first!! I wasnt mad, but indignant. Lying to people? So I responded, not to defend the Word, or the many ministers out there, because I really cant speak for them, but I spoke for myself and said, "No, Ive never lied, and will never lie when it comes to sharing the Word of God." And then I thought...and thought...and a certain image came to mind; and it made me say "That was the most ignorant statement/question that Ive ever heard. " This was the image i saw..

and what I thought about was all the persecution, all of the hate, the martyrs, all of the ignorance and blindness of all the people who killed the prophets, who stoned the martyrs, all of the persecutors who jeered and cursed Jesus that day on the cross, who said that these people were liars, and blasphemers...all because they spoke for God in the midst of people who really thought they knew God. So back to this "statement/question"....I thought to myself...By you saying that Im going to be a liar, are you saying that all of these men and women are liars...all of the great cloud of witnesses mentioned in Hebrews 12:1...are they all liars? Is God's word a lie then? Is everything spoken by the mouth of God through His people a lie? Its a dangerous thing to fall in the hands of an angry God.

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