Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Reading List

I realize its coming up on the end of the first quarter in this year (2009) and I wanted to post the books that will be on my list to read this year, and the books that I have already read:

-in progress

My Wish List

*Spectacular Sins and their Global purpose in the Glory of Christ - John Piper

*The Gospel According to Jesus - John MacArthur

*God's Passion for His Glory - John Piper

*John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God - John Piper

*The Doctrine of Repentance - Thomas Watson

*Dont Waste Your Life - John Piper

-The Art of Prophecying - William Perkins

-Justification and Regeneration - Charles Leiter

-The One True God - Paul David Washer

-A Body of Divinity - Thomas Watson

Pilgrims Progress - John Bunyan

12 Sermons on Repentance - Charles Spurgeon

*Finally Alive - John Piper

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ - John Piper

Institutes of the Christian Religion - John Calvin

Im sure there will be more added to this list, but for now, this is it...
Any recommendations on good Christian literature?

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