Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Sermons and an Update....

It has been a while since I've actually posted to AdjustMyThoughts. Life has been a little busier lately, and your prayers are very much coveted. I wanted to share the most recent sermons I have preached, and and these are probably the two sermons that have impacted me the most, in that they have been weighty on my heart.
The first sermon is called "Dont Trust In It". This sermon was taken from Matthew 7:21-23 and focuses on some of the most sobering words of Jesus that are directed at people who claim to be attached to Him. In this message I didn't want to focus on the tragedy of the scenario as much as I wanted to focus on the reason these people who really thought they loved and knew Jesus, dont make it into heaven. The need for justification is the root of their issue, and the fact that they would rather trust in "doing for" Jesus rather than Jesus Himself, is the reason they find themselves without a Savior on the Day of Judgment. We must be careful as Christians to not get caught in the fruit of Christianity and end up missing out on the Root of Christianity. In the end, to miss out on Christ is to miss everything: even if you tithed, served in church ministries, witnessed your faith, or did many miracles.

"Dont Trust in It"

The most recent message I preached was actually a sermon I taught earlier in the year, but God doesn't say the same thing twice, at least not in this situation. This message was taken from Psalm 1, and the title of this message is "Delight in God's Law". The focus of this message was a contrast between the righteous and the wicked, and there is only one determinant between the two: God's Word. Our attitude towards God's law is the factor that determines whether we will find ourselves in the congregation of the righteous or the wicked on that Great Day of Judgment. To delight in God's law is only possible when one has been given the heart and mind to delight in it and meditate on it.

Delight in God's Law

I look forward to posting more frequently the rest of the year, also I'm hoping to re-design the site as well, as I think the shroud picture is starting to be a little gloomy....it will always be about Christ though. May Grace be with you as you listen to these sermons and may God continue to keep you....

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