Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Trial Sermon of B.R. Graves

This is it!! I really cant stand watching myself, so i only watched this once,...but I pray that this be a blessing to you as it was to me..God is Infinitely and Joyously Good and this day was truly awesome. I preached on the Refiner's Fire and may the same power that was present on this day be present in your hearing this. God's words are spirit and life and may they be exactly that as you hear this message....Ive also posted some pictures below that were taken during the service ( A big THANK YOU to Donnie Burgess who recorded the video, and Carla Burgess who took these awesome pictures)

Refiner's Fire from Rayshawn Graves on Vimeo.

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Michael Spotts: . said...

Hey, Ray, good to hear from you. I'm also glad the post was a benefit to you. It's easy to stay up late writing such a response, and think, 'does anyone get something out of this?' I think the person for whom I was writing chucked it out immediately, but others may find it helpful, as you did. If nothing else my satisfaction should rest in that I did it to the glory of the Lord.

Now, as far as the .mp3 versions go... I record posts using this equipment (which I also use for audio books and music, which should appear later in 2009) which I upload to my web server. Then the .mp3 is embedded in the post with a simple bit of html. It's easy. In fact, you can highlight that portion of my post and paste it in your own, and then go into the 'view html' side of the blogger composer and change the .mp3 link addresses (there are two.)

Does that make sense?